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Questions Every Builder Should Ask Their Tile Contractor



1. Does my tile contractor install shower seats and curbs using mortar mix reinforced with wire lathe?

2. Does my tile contractor pre-slope PVC membrane underneath mud shower bases as recommended by The Tile Council of North America? (method B414, B415)

3. Does my tile contractor use Schluter-Ditra tile and stone underlayment as an uncoupling, anti-fracture, and waterproofing membrane under all floor tile?

4. Does my tile contractor use an elastomeric waterproofing membrane on all shower walls, seats, pans, and curbs?

5. Does my tile contractor evacuate weep holes, at the drain, underneath custom shower bases to further prevent water damage?

6. Does my tile contractor use mortar for wall tile installation or just mastic?

7. Does my tile contractor offer a lifetime warranty on installations?

8. Does my tile contractor practice installation methods that are outlined in the TCA handbook to ensure failsafe installations?

9. What procedure does my tile contactor use to reduce the effects of movement joints in concrete slabs receiving tile installations?

10. Does my tile contractor continually strive to educate himself about the industries’ newest practices and products? Is he CTEF Certified?If you have answered no to any one of these questions, you are settling for less than you deserve as one of our area’s finest home builders! 

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